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Mobile application "My Pol"

Your security in your smartphone

“My Pol” is the mobile app which will help to create a platform for communication between the police and conscious citizens.

Main functions of mobile app:

Monitoring of police officers' work

Users of application can rate police officer's work with the five-point scale. For doing this, it is enough to enter the number of police officer's badge into special field and leave your rating. Rating of police officers' work is aimed at helping to struggle with cases of corruption and abuse of authority in the police.


In case if citizen requires an urgent help, he or she can use the "SOS" button and send the request to the police hotline.


The function of "push-notifications" is the instrument with the help of what user is able to get the most important urgent notifications from the police about operative situation in one or another part of a city. With help of this information citizens can adjust their routs and plans and also take care of personal and common security.

A map of police stations and medical establishments

With help of interactive map users are able to find the nearest station where they can address for help.

Recommendations regarding communication with the police officers

The recommendations will suggest citizens how to act right in one or another situation and also how police officers should act.

Current news of police

You can get acquainted with national and regional news of the Ukrainian police in "My Pol" application.

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